Navigating the maze of local and state taxes a business may encounter doesn’t need to be difficult. To get the latest information on the most common taxes impacting businesses, please click here.


The State of Ohio and Clermont County have a wide range of incentive programs to assist new and existing businesses. These programs include tax credits for job creation, investment in real property, and investment in manufacturing and equipment. Clermont County’s Department of Community & Economic Development can help you select the program that is most beneficial to your business. Specific details about commonly utilized programs, what each provides, and requirements can be found below.


Established in 2012, the Port Authority has broad powers under Ohio law to facilitate economic development. Some key tools the Port Authority can utilize include:

  • Acquire real and personal property
  • Own, lease, sell, and construct improvements to real property
  • Issue revenue bonds for port authority facilities
  • Eliminate the Ohio and County sales taxes on construction materials for the construction of a new facility

Download the Port Authority summary and signature projects.

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Clermont County has some of the most affordable, dependable public utilities in Southwest Ohio. In a 2016 survey of 66 local communities, Clermont County ranked 4th most affordable for combined water and sewer rates.

For updated information on cost and provider information for water, sewer, electric, natural gas and telecommunications, click here.


South Afton Industrial Park draws labor from a large portion of the Cincinnati metro area. Several wage and industry snapshots can be downloaded below, but don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or in-depth reports on specific occupations that are important to your company.

Occupation Snapshot – 45 minute drive from South Afton Industrial Park
PDF        Excel Spreadsheet

Industry Snapshot – 45 minute drive from South Afton Industrial Park
PDF        Excel Spreadsheet

Ohio Means Jobs Clermont County can provide your business with a variety of no-cost services, including position posting on, hosting job fairs, pre-screening candidates, and providing interview space for companies without a local facility. Please visit the OMJ Clermont website for more information, or contact pSherri Bowling, Business Services Representative, at (513) 943-3734 or