On February 1, 2016, the Clermont County CIC, Inc. purchased 242 acres of land at Half Acre Road and State Route 32 in Williamsburg Township that is being developed as South Afton Industrial Park, a “business-ready” site for manufacturers.

The CIC is a nonprofit created under Ohio law to facilitate economic development activities for the Clermont County Commissioners, and has served in this capacity since 2004.

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In September, 2018, South Afton Industrial Park received SiteOhio Authentication through the Ohio Development Services Agency. This designation shows developers and potential companies that South Afton has completed due diligence studies, verified utility capacities, and is shovel ready for development.


This site is very close to the historical unincorporated area of Afton, which was centered at the intersection of Half Acre Road and Old SR 32. The CIC Board of Trustees considered a variety of names for this business park, and South Afton Industrial Park was the ultimate choice for several reasons: First, it is easy to say and reflects the advanced manufacturing industries that exist today, as opposed to something like “Clermont County SR 32 Industrial Park”. Also, it honors a historic place in the community which we felt was important to do, and provides an instant geographic reference for people in the community. Finally, digital marketing of the site was a major consideration. Site selection is a 24/7 process in this digital age and many communities are selected or eliminated, before ever being contacted, by companies or site selectors conducting a web search. “SouthAfton.com” website was available, unique, and short enough to put on a billboard or flyer. Besides the domain names involving “Williamsburg” being simply unavailable or prohibitively expensive to purchase, a search for Williamsburg business or industrial park brings up many other communities with the same name across the country. South Afton stands out and always comes out on top in a web search!

We understand that the historical center of “Afton” is actually south of our site. However, there could never be a geographically accurate industrial park called “South Afton”, because East Fork State Park lies directly south of that intersection. We took the liberty of moving the north/south divide of “Afton” to SR 32, because we hope someday there will be a “North Afton Industrial Park” developed nearby when South Afton is built out! This part of Clermont County holds the future for large-scale industrial growth, and Clermont County is working every day to improve the SR 32 corridor to ensure businesses can locate and thrive in this area. We hope local historians will oblige our movement of Afton and will appreciate knowing the name will live on for decades to come!



Clermont County CIC activities and sale of land at South Afton Industrial Park are managed by the staff of the Clermont County Department of Community and Economic Development. For questions about the project or to inquire about purchasing property, please contact the staff listed below:

Gael Fawley at (513) 732-7825

Our office is located at:
101 East Main Street, 3rd Floor
Batavia, Ohio 45103